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Prestige Bulletin was established more than 27 years ago to assist people, such as yourself, to survive and prosper in South Africa.

In response to many requests for all-inclusive financial and legal advice, providing a safe and secure future to South Africans, a group of the most highly skilled chartered accountants, business strategists, tax consultants, investment analysts, financial market forecasters and legal experts, got together to form the
Prestige Bulletin Advisory Panel.

Every month, this group of top advisors get together to produce the now legendary monthly publication, Prestige Bulletin. Prestige Bulletin is the only publication of its kind in the world and it contains:

  • comprehensive money-making plans;
  • business opportunities;
  • tax savings advice for salary earners and business owners;
  • high-growth, listed share portfolios – both local and offshore;
  • retirement investments;
  • wealth-creating instruments; and
  • legal advice to protect your assets, make them grow and help you to avoid labour problems and other legal pitfalls in your business.

But, that's not all. Every week, Prestige Bulletin's market forecasters also get together to produce the exceptionally accurate Monday Morning Outlook. The Monday Morning Outlook is automatically e-mailed to Prestige Bulletin subscribers, every Monday morning, entirely free of charge. 

Just like the monthly Prestige Bulletin, the weekly Monday Morning Outlook is also the only publication of its kind in the world. Every week, our expert market forecasters tell you what will happen during the coming week on:

  • the Johannesburg Securities Exchange;
  • the US stock markets, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 
    Dow Jones Transportation Average, Standard & Poor 500 and the Nasdaq;
  • the European stock markets, such as the London Financial Times 100, the French CAC 40 and the German DAX;
  • the Asian stock markets, such as the Australian ASX, the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index, the Japanese Nikkei 225 and the South Korean Kospi;
  • the American and South African gold markets;
  • the oil market;
  • the commodities market; and
  • the currency markets, featuring the rand, dollar, euro, pound and yen. 
The Prestige Bulletin and Monday Morning Outlook's forecasters have a remarkably accurate record, assisting our subscribers to profit massively on the financial markets, during both rising and falling markets. 

The Prestige Bulletin and Monday Morning Outlook show our subscribers unique and powerful ways to build wealth and obtain financial security. 

Now, you too can have this team of professionals at your disposal, guiding you all the way to your ultimate success!

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Meet the Chairperson of Prestige Bulletin's Advisory Panel

On the left-hand side you have seen the exceptional skills that our Advisory Panel has. The panel is chaired by Prestige Bulletin's managing director, Chanél Cooper.

Chanél has a highly impressive academic and professional track record. She obtained her BCom degree from Unisa, specialising in Accounting and Business Management. She wrote and passed all of the examinations required by the Financial Services Board and is currently a fully registered member of the FSB.

Chanél is presently doing advanced research on practical, wealth-creation methods.  Chanél's professional track record includes 16 years of experience in the financial field. Her experience includes personal financial advice, JSE high-growth portfolio design, estate and tax planning, assisting clients to establish new businesses and making existing businesses more profitable. Chanél is highly sought after for her breadth of knowledge and exceptional practical skills. 

Chanél is also Vice-President of the most distinguished financial club in the world, the Prestige Millionaires Club. 

Chanél's exclusive wealth-creation strategies designed for her private clients are available to you when you become a subscriber to Prestige Bulletin.

Meet Charl Yazbek, Prestige Bulletin's
Deputy Managing Director

Charl is one of South Africa's most highly qualified financial advisors. His outstanding professional career spans more than 21 years. Charl obtained both his BCom and BCom (Honours) degrees from the University of Johannesburg, majoring in Economics. 

He then proceeded to become a highly sought-after Certified Financial Planner® at the University of the Free State. He is registered with the FSB and was one of a handful of people selected by the exclusive Professional Provident Society of South Africa to work on their behalf. During Charl's two decades as a distinguished expert in the financial field, he has become known as one of the foremost wealth creators for clients in South Africa. His methods of implementing investment, estate, retirement and tax plans have often been imitated, but they have never been surpassed.

Charl Yazbek's wealth of experience, which his private clients pay thousands of rands for during personal consultations, is now available to you as a subscriber of Prestige Bulletin.