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Magic Formula to Ensure your Carefree Retirement

Do you know exactly how much money you will need when you retire one day? And, do you know exactly how much money you must save now if you want to have a nice, comfortable retirement? Use our easy Magic Formula and instantly have the answers to these important questions.

Most people have a sense of false confidence, as the projected values of their retirement funds amount to "millions".

Be careful! Don't let sales people fool you with projections of millions of rands. These projections are based on high inflation over a long period of time and, on their own, mean nothing.

A million rand in twenty years' time will be equal to R100 000 today and, as a result, is nothing to get excited about. If you had to retire today with a total capital amount of only R100 000, you would definitely be in trouble.

We provide you with a Magic Formula that you can use to quickly and easily determine how much money you will need for your retirement and if your current provision is sufficient.

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