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Personal wealth

  • Master the financial stages of your life. It's important to take specific financial steps as you go through life. A few, simple steps along the way can make all the difference for you to lead a life full of happiness, abundance and prosperity. Don't delay, act today. Get instant access

  • Give your children a financial head start. Children need a financial education as much as they need a formal one. Turn your child into an entrepreneur. Find out how to save, invest and educate them for their future. Get instant access

  • Be free – debt-free! Don't wait or debate about it. Get out of debt now. Use the only method that really works to get out of debt and stay out of debt.
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  • Protect your pension money in one step. How to protect your hard-earned pension money from the financial dangers looming. Of crucial importance!
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  • Time tested formula to identify bargain properties. A powerful method to instantly determine whether a property is a good investment or not. Get 100% financing. Your key to creating wealth with property. Get instant access


  • The secret to creating wealth with shares. Use the right approach when investing in shares and don't miss out on massive, long-term wealth creation. Begin building your own share portfolio now! It couldn’t be made any easier — simply follow these steps. Get instant access

  • Gold. Find out why the gold price could rise to $5 000 and how you can make an absolute fortune, even with a tiny investment. Get instant access

  • How to cut out “advisor fees” and build a worldwide investment portfolio under your own direct control. Own the best investments in the world, without the drain of agents’ commissions. Easy, exciting, step-by-step information.  
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  • Is there such a thing as a 100% safe investment? YES. Advisors don't earn commission on it, so they don't tell you about it – we DO. Get the objective truth! Earn considerably more than the normal interest on a bank savings account. And it's fully guaranteed! Get instant access

Business / Second income

  • Best business opportunities! A source of exclusive, practical and profitable businesses that require little capital. You can sign your own pay cheque every month. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and watch the money roll in.
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  • Massive, passive online income. This type of income is generated automatically. Operate from any location in South Africa using an automatic marketing system and a fantastic financial system. Work only when it suits you. There has never been an easier or more powerful way to make money online in your free time than this. Get instant access

  • Teaching old dogs new tricks. An exciting twist to a falling industry can once again mean great profits for passionate writers. Easily get a ghostwriter. The walls of bookstores have moved to cyber space. Are you there yet?
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Tax Savings Advice

  • Legally cut your tax bill by thousands and get a delicious refund. It’s legal. It’s easy. Here is how. Get instant access

  • Maximise your estate – both during your lifetime and after it. Our brilliant tax and estate planning techniques will create enviable wealth. What's more, ensure that your estate duty is zero, or as close to zero as possible! 
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